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Awards and Selections


We made official selection in May 2018 for Big Sur Film Festival being held in California  during Aug 2018. Our film was one of 48 films selected from around the world out of 1400 submissions!

Although we are unable to attend the festival, we will be sending a personalised video greeting from the team to the audience watching.


We made official selection in April 2018 for the Independent Shorts Awards, sponsored by IMDB, and received notification on 6 May that we had been awarded their top Platinum Award for Best Women's Film.  We will now get automatic entry into their grand finals taking place in North Hollywood in February 2019.


We entered What Happened to Evie into the Cannes Film Corner and were notified on April 18 2018 that it had been selected by Papaya Films Fund for the Best Film at Cannes Film Corner directed by a Woman. It was one of three awards given, and the film has won £500 prize money! .


The script for 'What happened to Evie' was entered into the Care Awards in mid-2017 and won Best Short Screenplay plus a cash prize.


The script for 'What happened to Evie' was entered into the UK Film Festival and was the overall Winner of their Short Script Competition.

Publicity and Interviews

DATE: 24.4.18
HEADLINE:  FIRST LOOK: ‘What Happened to Evie’ – Bessie Coates, Sian Reeves & Michael Jibson

An article By New Wave District that promotes the trailer and covers the major players in the film.

To read the full article simply click: https://newwavedistrict.co.uk/what-happened-to-evie/

DATE: 17.4.18

HEADLINE: Cannes Court Metrage - Interview Festival de Cannes Kate Cheeseman What Happened to Evie

The New Current interview Director, Kate Cheeseman, ahead of Cannes Film Festival in May 2018, about her latest short - What happened to Evie - and on many other career related topics.

To read the full artilce simply click: https://www.thenewcurrent.co.uk/kate-cheeseman

Special mentions and endorsements

5.5.18 - "A sharp and provocative mystery." Freelance writer, critic and film historian, Pamela Hutchinson (BFI)

DATE: 25.4.18

Congratulations to Directors UK member Kate Cheeseman, who won a special Papaya Film Fund award for her film, What Happened to Evie.


Support and sponsorship

Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE - awards funding for Evie!

We are delighted to announce that philanthropist Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE, has awarded 'What happened to Evie' completion funding for the film.

His aim is to promote diversity and inclusion in the UK film industry and we feel extremely privileged that our film has been chosen.

Also many thanks to Charles Kay for helping us conclude the deal.

Many thanks!

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