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DATE: 1.8.18
HEADLINE: What Happened to Evie - Review

A beautifully written, very extensive review by Dan Barnes

"It’s really remarkable what this film is able to achieve in its brief 10-minute run time. It tells a successful mystery, hooking the viewer right up until the credits roll, but that never detracts from the emotional significance of a story like this."

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DATE: 23.7.18

HEADLINE: FOUR STAR REVIEW for 'What Happened to Evie'

A comprehensive review by Dave Adamson including a look at the cast and crew.

"At just over ten minutes long, this is a tightly, expertly scripted and executed drama that will leave you wanting to see more."

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DATE: 23.7.18

HEADLINE: BAFTA winner Kate Cheeseman’s ‘What Happened to Evie’

A very positive appraisal of the film by Michael Ford, in Featured Indies.

"This topical film stars Olivier winner Michael Jibson (Les Miserable, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Sian Reeves (Mount Pleasant, Emmerdale) and newcomer Bessie Coates."

To read the full review click here: https://www.indieactivity.com/kate-cheeseman-what-happened-to-evie/



A strong, perceptive review by David Ferguson

" ... a short film that tests our perceptions and leaves us questioning our own prejudices and

assumptive nature."


DATE: 24.4.18
HEADLINE:  FIRST LOOK: ‘What Happened to Evie’ – Bessie Coates, Sian Reeves & Michael Jibson

An article By New Wave District that promotes the trailer and covers the major players in the film.

To read the full article simply click: https://newwavedistrict.co.uk/what-happened-to-evie/


DATE: 30.9.18

HEADLINE: Lady Filmmakers Festival 2018 - What Happened to Evie

'We Are Moving Stories' who broadcast new voices in drama, documentary, animation and journalism interview Kate Cheeseman, about What Happened to Evie and her approach to directing it. 

To read the full interview click: http://www.wearemovingstories.com/we-are-moving-stories-films/2018/9/29/what-happened-to-evie

DATE: 20.8.18
HEADLINE: Interview - Kate Cheeseman - What Happened to Evie

Film Debate, a film promotion and journalistic blogging platform, interviews Kate Cheeseman about her latest film What Happened to Evie, and her influences.

To read the full interview click: https://filmdebate.co.uk/promotion/interview-kate-cheeseman-what-happened-to-evie-a-short-film/

DATE: 17.4.18

HEADLINE: Cannes Court Metrage - Interview Festival de Cannes Kate Cheeseman What Happened to Evie

The New Current interview Director, Kate Cheeseman, ahead of Cannes Film Festival in May 2018, about her latest short - What happened to Evie - and on many other career related topics.

To read the full article simply click: https://www.thenewcurrent.co.uk/kate-cheeseman


DATE: 23.7.18

"Congratulations to Georgina French, who produced What Happened to Evie, which won the Best International Short Fiction Award at the Oscar qualifying 30th Galway Film Fleadh. The film is written by Carol Younghusband and directed by Kate Cheeseman, and was also one of three shorts to receive a prize from the Papaya Film Fund for Best Short by a Female Director."  Women in Film & TV UK

DATE: 25.4.18

Congratulations to Directors UK member Kate Cheeseman, who won a special Papaya Film Fund award for her film, What Happened to Evie.

4.7.18 - "I personally loved this film and would recommend it to be seen or even win an award. This film
was an original take on society's implicit biases regarding sexual assault and youth culture. The
pacing was excellent and had me questioning the outcome until the end. Performances were
outstanding with strong acting. Box office level production value." Official Reviewer, DCShorts Film Festival

5.5.18 - "A sharp and provocative mystery." Freelance writer, critic and film historian, Pamela Hutchinson (BFI)